So I was calling around to find someone to mow my lawn, and everywhere I looked, it was the same company. I looked in the phone book, the internet, Angie’s List, everywhere everywhere, it was the same company. So I reluctantly called the company and left a message. After 8 days, they called me back to schedule my lawn. By this time, my lawn was over 14 inches tall. I asked them for a Monday cut, but they said they only had Thursday between 8am and 5pm available. So the guy shows up at 11am and it took him three hours longer than it should. He wasted so much of my time. He was pretty apathetic about the job, saying to me, “dude, I’m just trying to do my 8 hours and go home.” My grass was pretty much cut, but the guy showed no passion for his work. So I asked him, ‘Sir, don’t you like your job.’ He replied, “Well, my company doesn’t have any competition, so I just do my thing because I know customers can’t go anywhere else to get their lawn cut, so why should I care.’

The moral of the story? This is the difference between the government and the free market.

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