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George H. Mead

One of the single if not greatest questions
mankind had toiled with is “Who am I.” Did I come from dust? Did I come
from a cloud that exploded in space? Did my ancestors crawl out of the murky
swamp grow legs and develop into what we now know as man? Why am I here?
What is my purpose? Is a purpose going to be given to me by someone other
than I? Or am I left on my own to discover my own destiny and life course?
Is there an afterlife as some religions propose, or do I get my 80 years
of bliss on the earth and turn to dust never to return? Do I have a soul?
Am I going to Heaven or Hell? Why was I born? Who am I? Will someone please
tell me?!

In a society dominated by the drive to survive
and succeed, a question fundamental and basic as “who am I,” can be lost.
If you ask someone who they are, you are likely to get their name, occupation,
or they may tell you it’s none of your business. Either way it’s very unlikely
that you would get a response like; “I am a portion of a collective energy
that is interminable, faceless and formless.” If you ask someone who they
are, you most likely wouldn’t get a response such as, “I’m your great great
great grandfather.” But in today’s diverse world, answers throughout history
have been offered on who we are.

This site is a dedicated to exploring the questions
raised in the preceding paragraph. My goal is to present several views that
attempt to explain who and what we are. But let me add here that it’s not
my claim to have the right answer. I’m not a psychic, and I don’t have a
1-900 2WHO-AMI hotline. All I offer here is a simple insight into what five
religions; Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism say we are.
Compared and contrasted to those five religions I will describe and define
the theories of George Herbert Mead, Fredrick Nietzsche along with various
others. All of which offer insight into who we are.

The graph at the top contains hotspots that
will lead you to the various pages that contain the bulk of my research.
My only disclaimer is that religions vary within themselves almost as much
as religions vary between. So by no means do I present my study as the only
perspective. There may be additions to each religious and philosophical
point of view that were not included. I have listed on each page my sources
for my information. There is also a very nice link page that will take you
to vast amounts of information. To begin just click on an area that is of
interest. Or you can just click on “ME” which contains my introduction and

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