Hate in America

Some countries hate America, until a war breaks out, then they beg for help, People in the U.S. hate America, until an earthquake or flood happens, then they beg for help, Many people in the U.S. hate America, but they love their government aid, Many famous people hate America, and yet they never move, Many…… Continue reading Hate in America


So I was calling around to find someone to mow my lawn, and everywhere I looked, it was the same company. I looked in the phone book, the internet, Angie’s List, everywhere everywhere, it was the same company. So I reluctantly called the company and left a message. After 8 days, they called me back…… Continue reading Grass

A Hippie Serenade

To honor the most destructive generation in modern history, I put ‘pen to paper’ and wrote the following: Give me my happy leaf, My LsD, my crystal pill, I love my flight, my fleeting fear, The fire of my sex, this one, that one, anyone. LOVE. Flower to flower, Governments be damned, Rock for music,…… Continue reading A Hippie Serenade

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