A Hippie Serenade

To honor the most destructive generation in modern history, I put ‘pen to paper’ and wrote the following:

Give me my happy leaf,
My LsD, my crystal pill,
I love my flight, my fleeting fear,
The fire of my sex, this one, that one,
anyone. LOVE.

Flower to flower,
Governments be damned,
Rock for music, rock for freedom,
A heart free of status,
Slave to only love,
The bus of sweat, fluid, circling,
flying, flying flying.

O god is me, big for your chains,
Sex is king, my womb the slave,
Embryos burn and die,
Life is mine, give it to some,
Lover earth, my family,
Me-my child and I,
Life has to be free.

Time to pass on.
Time to move on,

Oh the morning, my bones ache,
The wrinkles cover my hands,
The cancer in my eyes,
My bed is cold, Alone.
Womb scarred, my leaf is sad,
Pills for sex pains,
I need new blood,

Pride, Pride, Pride
Where is my free,
King my government,
Chains to survive,
Love unreachable,
1 or 3 memories,
No savior now,
Pig to a trough,
Slop for me me me,
Progress, progress, progress.

I must be me,
Me, your Carnal Hippie.

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