Stories from a new father

“Hey Daddy”

Yes son.

“When I make my car company, I’m going to put window wipers on the inside and outside of the windows.”

That sounds nice.

“And you get a car for free.”

That’s nice.

“… ok, maybe ten dollars.”

Ok Son.

“Hey Daddy?”

Yes Son.

“Do I have to tell the government that I’m going to make a car company?”

Yes you do Son.

“Oh, I have to change my plans then.” — Car rides with a new father.  


Hey Son, what is the temperature out side?

“It’s warmish coldish.”


“I finished my oatmeal faster than you.”

Me. You did?

“Yes, my mouth is bigger.” — Breakfast with a new father.


“Daddy, can I have some dry bacon?”

You mean beef jerky?

“Yes.”  — stories with a new father.  


“I’m 45 feet tall.”

You are?  — car rides with a new father

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